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Enjoy a special math fun with your kids using these printable activities and resources. 

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number of the day printable worksheets mockup with robot and woman holding red clipboard with number of the day printable and other page in dry eras sleeve pocket with rainbow of markers, dry erase markers, purple pencil, and yellow star pencil sharpener on wood background
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Number of the Day Printable Worksheets for Fantastic Math Fun (Free)

Number of the day printable worksheets are incredible ways to boost math fun and more. These simple activities improve number sense and math confidence. Plus, these math printables are fun challenges! Find out more about these free math worksheets and get creative ideas for enjoying with your kids. Math Activities Can Be Simple and Fun!…

Family playing card game and family of mom, grandmother, and 2 daughters making fruit dishes to feature family math activities
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Family Math Activities: 10 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Learning Fun Together

Family math activities are fantastic ways to boost learning and enjoy time together. You’ll love how these simple yet engaging activities create a relaxed atmosphere for learning to take place. Discover how these practical ideas and tips can help you and your kids make math fun! 10 Family Math Activities That Double as Fun Lessons…

Rainbow bubble pop toys in shapes of octagon, heart, circle, and square with set of 20 free pop fidget activities for hands-on math fun
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Pop Fidget Activities for Cool Math Fun (20 Free Printables)

Need ideas for pop fidget activities? Add these super cool printables to your list! This set of 20 free printables are fantastic for math fun and more. Your kids will have a blast with this mix of printable and hands-on learning. Check out these printables for pop fidget fun and get your free set today!…

Boy using erasable pen to complete blank multiplication chart to feature how these free multiplication charts that are printer-friendly (in black-and-white) can help you easily give your kids extra times tables practice
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5 Fun and Creative Ways to Use These Printer-Friendly Free Multiplication Charts

These free multiplication charts are printer-friendly and so much fun to use. These math printables make it easy for kids to practice their math facts without you breaking the bank. Check out these 5 fun and creative ideas for using these black and white multiplication charts. And find out how you can get your free…

Cute picture using slices of cucumber, radish, carrots, & other vegetables with veggie dip and child making heart with fingers with fruits & veggies in background to feature how you can use these 7 food activities for hands-on math fun for kids
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Clever Hands-On Math Fun with these 7 Awesome Food Activities

  Hands-on math fun featuring fantastic food activities is an amazing way to boost learning. Get ideas and inspiration for easily adding hands-on learning opportunities to your math time and more.     Easily Make Math Time with Food If math time feels like a struggle or boring (to the kids or you), you can…

Rainbow multiplication game and rainbow multiplication dominoes game to feature the awesome math fun your kids will have with this free set of multiplication games
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2 Free Multiplication Games for Awesome Math Fun

  Your kids will have awesome math fun with these 2 free multiplication games. These hands-on activities provide your kids with 2 different ways to learn and practice multiplication facts. Check out both of these cool multiplication games and get your free set today!     Hands-On & Interactive Ways to Make Multiplication Fun for…

Multiplication decoding activity and game to feature the awesome math fun your kids will have with these 2 free multiplication activities
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2 Free & Fun Multiplication Activities for Kids

  Looking for some cool ways to make math fun? These 2 fun multiplication activities for kids are excellent ways to practice basic math facts. Check out these 2 creative ways to make multiplication fun and get your FREE set today!     Easily Make Practicing Multiplication Facts FUN! Got kids who are learning and…

Multiplication color by product unicorn and rainy day pages to feature the excellent math fun your kids will have with these 4 free multiplication coloring activities
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4 Free Multiplication Coloring Worksheets for Excellent Math Fun

Make math super fun with these 4 free multiplication coloring worksheets! If your kids could use some extra practice with their multiplication facts, these coloring activities are perfect. With 4 cute themes, these Color by Product pages are awesome for creative ways to make multiplication fun. Check out these free multiplication coloring worksheets PDF (printable…

Subtraction connect the dots, memory game, roll-and-cover, and color by difference to feature how these 4 creative subtraction activities featuring cute zoo animals are amazing ways to make math fun
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4 Creative Subtraction Activities to Make Math Fun

  These 4 creative subtraction activities featuring cute zoo animals are excellent ways to make math fun. Take a peek at this variety of fun ways to practice subtraction facts and get your free printable set today!     Learning & Practicing Subtraction Can Be Fun! Math worksheets don’t have to be dry and boring….

Color by Sum fish bowl with crayons and woman holding addition memory game cards to feature how this free set of Addition Facts Activities with pets is an awesome way to make math fun for kids
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Free Addition Facts with Pets for Fantastic Math Fun

  Let’s make learning and practicing addition facts super fun! You can help your kids get excited about learning basic math facts with just a bit of creativity and hands-on activities. These free Addition Facts with Pets are absolutely adorable ways to make math time fun for your kids.     Adding Hands-On Activities to…

Addition bingo cards with markers and dice and woman holding red dice with colorful hundreds chart to feature these awesome hands-on addition activities your kids will love
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Awesome Hands-On Addition Activities to Make Math Fun

  Easily make math fun with these awesome addition activities. Practicing addition skills doesn’t have to be boring! Use these simple, inexpensive ideas to make it more enjoyable for all.     Why We Mix Up Math Drills with Fun, Hands-on Activities Now that Xman (my youngest) is working is his way through basic math…

Boy using red crayon to fill in 2D shapes scavenger hunt printable on red clipboard with quilt in background to feature the simple math fun your kids can have with these free scavenger hunt printables for 2D and 3D shapes
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Free Shapes Scavenger Hunt Printables for Simple Math Fun

These free shapes scavenger hunt printables are excellent ways to enjoy simple math fun. Your kids will have a blast looking for a variety of shapes in your home, outdoors, and on-the-go. These scavenger hunt activities for kids include two versions-2D and 3D!   Give Your Kids Fun Math Challenges with Scavenger Hunt Activities Want…

printable mandala multiplication coloring page with color pencils on wood background and colorful mandala multiplication printable page with rainbow of color pencils on yellow paper and wood background
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How to Make Math + Art Fun with Mandala Multiplication

Tired of the same old boring ways to practice math facts with kids? Make it fun with these mandala multiplication coloring pages! Check out this creative approach to learning and practicing multiplication and get your printable set today. Take the Struggle Out of Learning & Practicing Multiplication Facts Got kids who don’t like math? I’m…

Looking for some stealthy ways to get your kids to learn? Check out these awesome 10 hands-on learning materials for sneaky math fun. Help your kids have have fun and learn when they don't even realize it!
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10 Hands-On Learning Materials For Sneaky Math Fun

Have you ever heard of “sneaky” or “stealth” school? If so, you know the joys of helping your kids learn-when they don’t even realize it!  If not, find out how we use these 10 Hands-On Learning Materials For Sneaky Math Fun. Get even more great Stealthy Homeschooling tips by scrolling down to end of this post…