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5 Fun and Creative Ways to Use These Printer-Friendly Free Multiplication Charts

These free multiplication charts are printer-friendly and so much fun to use.

These math printables make it easy for kids to practice their math facts without you breaking the bank.

Check out these 5 fun and creative ideas for using these black and white multiplication charts. And find out how you can get your free set today!

These free multiplication charts are fantastic ways to make practicing times tables fun. Get creative ideas for using these printer-friendly (black-and-white) math pages.

Why a Multiplication Chart Boosts Math Skills Practice

Kids needs to practice multiplication facts in order to master these essential math skills. Math fact fluency (memorizing and quickly recalling basic math facts) is essential for future math success.

Math drills and flashcards can get boring.

Multiplication times tables, however, can make practicing math facts fun, especially when you add a bit of creativity and cool ideas.

It’s super helpful to try different ways to help your students memorize a multiplication table and build on that progress of these important math concepts.

After homeschooling my 5 boys, I’ve found that repetition is the best way to learn multiplication facts.

And, as much as I love to help my boys soar in their learning adventures, our homeschool budget is tight. And printing can get expensive for homeschool families.

That’s why I made these free black and white printable multiplication charts!

These pages are printer-friendly to help you keep your printing costs to a minimum. Perfect for helping your kids learn their multiplication facts!

Boy using erasable pen to complete blank multiplication chart to feature how these free multiplication charts that are printer-friendly (in black-and-white) can help you easily give your kids extra times tables practice

Tips for Using These Free Multiplication Charts

When you first look at a black and white multiplication chart (or times table worksheets), you might think *big yawn* boring.

But, you can totally turn each page into amazing learning fun. This free printables pack has 3 styles (filled-in, tracing, blank)of multiplication charts. Make sure to print extra copies, especially the blank charts.

Start with the filled-in multiplication chart.

If your child isn’t familiar with seeing multiplication facts in this way, explain how the numbers (digits) go across the grid and combine with the numbers on the left to make a product.

Simply guiding your student through this chart can help them feel more relaxed and ready to learn.

Have your child say each number aloud. They can also use their finger or pencil point to trace each number.

You can also hang up an extra copy of this chart for easy reference for your kids.

Next, work on the chart with dotted numbers to trace.

The act of tracing the numbers can be extremely helpful when learning multiplication facts.

You can encourage your children to whisper or say aloud the numbers (factors) and then the product (solution) as they are tracing.

Begin (and master) the blank chart!

When your students are feeling comfortable with reading the completed multiplication chart and tracing the dotted numbers, it’s time to move on to the blank chart.

This printable activity lets your children show what they’ve learned.

If looking at the blank chart seems overwhelming, break down the activity into steps. Your student can fill out three rows (or columns) at a time, adding to their chart after a break.

As your child builds confidence with filling out their multiplication chart, they can work on completing it in one sitting and then speed.

You can store your kid’s multiplication work in a student binder to help them see the progress that they’ve made.

3 free multiplication charts in blank, tracing, and filled-in to feature how you can use this set of printer-friendly (black-and-white) multiplication pages for extra math facts practice

Fun & Creative Ideas to Help Your Kids Learn Multiplication Tables with These Printables

Want to supercharge the learning fun with these free multiplication charts? Here are 5 great tips to add a bit of creativity:

1. Use a variety of writing tools

I recommend having different writing supplies on hand  to boost the fun with these multiplication worksheets. A few suggestions include:

2. Play music in the background

Lighten the mood. You can choose songs to help you focus. Or ones that have a fun beat.

Music is such a simple yet powerful way to create a relaxed learning environment.

3. Get colorful

When using writing tools like color pencils or fine-tipped markers, pick a handful of colors.

Start with one color and trace the numbers. Then, go back with a different color and trace again. A cool trick to get in extra multiplication practice!

4. Make patterns

Plan with your children how to make fun patterns on their chart.

For example, all even numbers could be blue and odd numbers red. Or products that end in “5” or “0” are yellow and the rest are purple.

5. Build in breaks

All that thinking and writing is a lot of work!

Agree to take a break after each completed row or column. Get up and do 10 jumping jacks. Or a few stretches. Put on a song with a dancing beat and get your groove on.

My boys love to “run a lap” around the room – or even go outside and run a lap around our house.

Before any break, I advise agreeing to terms. For instance, 2 minutes of stretches then back to work.

Boy using marker to fill in black-and-white multiplication cart on red clipboard

Get Your Free Multiplication Charts (Printer-Friendly)!

WooHoo! You’re on your way to making learning multiplication facts fun for your kids!

This free printable multiplication charts pack (printer-friendly) includes 3 pages for facts 1x – 12x:

  • 1 filled-in multiplication chart
  • 1 multiplication chart with dotted numbers for tracing
  • 1 blank multiplication chart

You can certainly print as many of these pages as you need to enjoy with your kids, class, or homeschool co-op. Want to share with a friend or co-worker? Cool! Please share the link to this post 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

To get this FREE multiplication charts pack, all you need to do is subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool.

When you join the Rock Your Homeschool community, you’ll receive this printable PDF file in an email, along with a super-secret password that opens the vault to all RYHS freebies.

In addition to your freebies, you get a weekly email with ways to make life and learning fun.

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Get your FREE multiplication charts pack by tapping HERE or on the image below.

These 3 free multiplication charts are amazing ways to help your students get extra math facts practice.

How will these free printables help your kids learn their times tables (and mulitplication skills) for mastering basic facts?

Oh, and if you have other ideas for using any of these styles of multiplication chart, please share in the comment section below 🙂

3 free multiplication charts in blank, tracing, and filled-in to feature this printer-friendly (black-and-white)set for practicing times tables

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Boy completing blank multiplication chart with erasable pen to feature how you can use these 5 creative ideas for using these 3 free multiplication charts that are printer-friendly

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