Would you like to make homeschool fun but not sure where to get started?

Let’s work together to put the fun in homeschooling 🙂

When it comes to adding a fun twist to learning at home, all you need is a bit of inspiration, creativity, and the right resources. Find all those things plus tips from homeschoolers like you so you can feel like a fun mom.


You can make homeschool fun. Get tips & ideas from awesome homeschoolers, like you.


Why Do YOU Want to Make Homeschooling Fun?

I’m thrilled that you’re here and on the quest to add fun to your homeschool. Learning at home can be so much more than boring textbooks rigid schedules.

Before we chat about how to make different homeschool subjects fun, I think it’s important to ask yourself this simple question:

Why do I want to add fun to our homeschool?

It seems like an easy enough question to answer, right?

But, when you take a closer look at your reasons, what’s really going on?

With the addition of homeschool fun to your life, are you hoping to:

  • Give your kids (and yourself) motivation to get started on homeschool work
  • Provide focus so work is completed
  • Help your kids learn about and celebrate fun days and holidays
  • Add enrichment to your homeschool experience with themes and concepts outside of typical curriculum
  • Loosen up your routine so you don’t feel bored or like a robot
  • Infuse learning at home with fun, so you don’t feel like a tyrant or drill sergeant

Any or all of these reasons (plus others that you might have) are fantastic for striving to making homeschool fun 🙂


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What Are Your Struggles When It Comes to Adding Fun to Homeschooling?

As a “fun mom”, I love to weave fun into our homeschool life. It isn’t always easy but I know that my efforts are worth it. My five boys enjoy homeschooling and overall have positive relationships with each other and me.

Although I wish I could naturally make every part of our homeschool experiences fun, I struggle with a few subject areas. Either these subjects are not personal favorites or my boys don’t care for them.

Instead of throwing in the fun towel, I search for ideas, activities, and resources from other homeschoolers who shine in those subject areas. With our combined efforts, I feel like a mighty fun homeschool mom 🙂


To help you on your quest to adding fun to your homeschool, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need overall help with making homeschool fun?
  • Are certain subjects harder for me to add fun to our lessons and work?
  • What are my fears when it comes to homeschool fun? Am I afraid of mess? Losing control? Not getting enough done?
  • What are my strengths when it comes to being a fun homeschool mom? How can I use these strengths to really flex my fun mom muscles?


Get terrific tips & ideas on how to make homeschool fun for your kids and you.


Get Tips & Ideas for Making Learning At Home Fun

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of questions about what to do to add fun to your homeschool. I asked some of my homeschool friends to join forces with me to share our ideas and inspiration.

For example, I love this idea from my friend, Jessica, at The Waldock Way. She uses these amazing subscription boxes to boost learning fun at home.

In this How to Make Homeschool Fun series, you’ll find hope and help for:


More homeschool subjects will be added soon 🙂  If you have a specific subject area that you’d like homeschool fun ideas for, please leave your requests in the comments area below.


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