Consider these homeschool curriculum reviews and which ones will be good fits for your homeschool.

2 boys working on a STEM challenge with rocks, dominoes, and playdough and Evan-Moor workbooks of skills sharpeners for critical thinking and STEM lessons and challenges for grade 3 and grade 6
Homeschool | Reviews

Skills Sharpeners for Critical Thinking & STEM Lessons: 2 Smart Resources for Your Homeschool

Skills sharpeners for critical thinking and STEM Lessons can be such amazing additions to your learning adventures at home. These super cool challenges and activities are fantastic ways to boost learning fun for your kids. If that all sounds good to you but you’re worried that it will be too much extra work or money,…

Young boy using blue pencil to work in a spelling skills workbooks with other Evan-Moor workbooks for language arts in the background
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How to Use Evan-Moor Workbooks to Boost Your Homeschool Language Arts

Evan-Moor workbooks are excellent ways to easily boost your homeschool language arts. These remarkable resources make it simple for you to help your kids enjoy reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and more. Find out why I’m using these Evan-Moor resources with my youngest and how these affordable workbooks are taking our learning fun to the next…

Woman holding Trekking Through History board game and 4 boys playing this educational board game on carpet
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Trekking Through History: One of the Best Board Games for Learning in Your Homeschool

Trekking Through History is a fantastic way to boost your homeschool learning adventures. With a cool mix of strategy and interactive fun, you’ll have a blast as you go back in time and discover amazing facts about historical events, figures, and more. Take a sneak peek at how my boys and I are enjoying this…

High school boy using laptop for online homeschool career course on Introduction to Education and Teaching through Career Pathways, a part of Edison Learning
Basics | Homeschool | Reviews

How This Homeschool Career Training Course Helps Your Students Explore Interests & More

A homeschool career training course is an excellent way to help your student explore interests and learn new skills. With the right curriculum and powerful resources, your student will have the opportunity to go on creative learning adventures and earn high school credit. Find out what course my homeschool high schooler is studying and how…

Teen boys using laptop to access BookShark Virtual schedule with book and binder in background and tween boy using calligraphy set from China kit with other resources from BookShark Reading with History F in the background
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BookShark Reading with History F: A Fun Way to Explore the Eastern Hemisphere

BookShark Reading with History makes it simple to take your learning adventures to the next level. With an amazing combination of great books, hands-on activities, and supportive resources, this secular homeschool curriculum package is an open-and-go solution for busy families that want a stress-free approach to learning at home. Take a peek out how I’m…

Tween boy smiling as he works on homeschool enrichment with Education Perfect
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Education Perfect: Online Homeschool Enrichment You Can Feel Good About

Education Perfect is an outstanding way to help your kids enjoy online homeschool enrichment. With over 40,000 lessons, experiments, and topics to pick and choose from, you’ll love how easy it is to boost learning and help your kids explore new interests. Find out how I’m using Education Perfect with my boys – and how…

Teen boy using mouse and laptop to learn about graphic design with BrainPOP Homeschool and young boy wearing cap smiling as he works on BrainPOP Homeschool on laptop
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BrainPOP Homeschool: How to Take Your Learning Adventures to the Next Level

BrainPOP Homeschool boosts learning in so many creative and fun ways. My boys are having a blast with the engaging videos and activities. And I love being able to relax as I watch them soar in their skills and confidence. I’m sharing how we’re using this online learning platform – and why it’s a fantastic…

Mom holding Geography Through Literature K-3 teacher guide from Beautiful Feet Books with books and map in background and bowl of blackberries with 50 States book and Tennessee and young boy enjoying map work with 50 States of America book
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Learning Through Literature: Super Fun K-3 Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Learning through literature can help you easily make geography come to life for your kids. Discover what homeschool geography curriculum I’m using with my youngest boy to take our learning adventures to the next level (and why these resources are so fun and engaging)! Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for…

Woman holding smartphone with uHandy mobile microscope kit and notebook on wood surface
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uHandy Mobile Microscope: A Smart Way to Boost Your Homeschool Science

A mobile microscope is such a smart way to easily boost your homeschool science. This special type of tool can help you take your science studies to the next level in many ways. Find out how my boys and I are using the uHandy mobile microscope kits in our homeschool and how you can get…

Tween boys using computers for coding lessons to feature how Homeschool Code Academy is a fantastic introduction to coding for kids
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Homeschool Code Academy: Amazing Way for Kids to Learn How to Code

Homeschool Code Academy is the BEST way to help your kids learn how to code. With a systematic approach, your students will be wowing you with their new computer skills. Find out more about this course and why my boys have been LOVING it (plus snag a tremendous deal!). AND make sure to enter the…

BookShark Science Level F package with Instructor's Guide, Discover & Do science supplies kit, and books to feature the 10 reasons you and your kids will love this literature-based approach to homeschool science
Homeschool | Reviews

10 Powerful Reasons You & Your Kids Will Love BookShark Science

BookShark Science is a complete game changer for your homeschool. If you’ve been trying to make homeschool science happen but it keeps falling through the cracks, your struggle can now be over. Find out how the new packages with different levels can help you easily enjoy science fun with hands-on activities, experiments, and more. Disclaimer: …

Smiling boy using laptop with LightSail for Homeschoolers to feature how you can use this comprehensive online program to make language arts fun
Homeschool | Reviews

LightSail for Homeschoolers: A Comprehensive Online Way to Make Language Arts Fun

LightSail for Homeschoolers is an amazing way to make language arts fun. This comprehensive online program is full of engaging resources and activities for reading, writing, spelling, and more. Find out how my boys and I are using this online learning platform and how it can easily boost your homeschool adventures, too! Disclaimer: I received…

Young boy on iPod and laptop to feature this Starfall review and how this online resource can help you easily make learning fun
Homeschool | Reviews

Starfall Review: My #1 Secret to Easily Make Learning Fun for Kids

This Starfall review takes a look at this educational website and why it’s such an easy way to make learning fun for kids. Find out how the Starfall home membership helped this homeschool mom of 5 boost learning at home – and why you’ll love using these resources with your students. Disclaimer: I received this…

Young boy smiling as he holds Science Unlocked box and variety of science activities being done by kids to feature how these homeschool science kits are perfect for open-and-go, stress-free science fun
Homeschool | Reviews

The Best Homeschool Science Kits for All-in-One Solutions to Make Learning Fun

Discover how the best homeschool science kits can help you easily make learning fun at home. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with figuring out how to make science happen in your homeschool, you’ll love these all-in-one solutions. When you have the right resources, homeschool science really can be enjoyable for all. Check out these…

Young boy smiling as he working on math lesson on laptop to feature how this homeschool math curriculum from CTCMath is one you can feel good about and your kids will love
Homeschool | Reviews

Homeschool Math Curriculum You Can Feel Good About (& Your Kids Will Love)

Picking a homeschool math curriculum that’s right for your family can feel overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to stress out when making this decision. And you don’t have to shell out a ton of money. Find out what our family uses for affordable and effective homeschool math. And…

GRAMMAR written on bright pink sticky note with other sticky notes, pens, & paperclips with laptop to feature how you can use this list of the 9 best homeschool grammar curriculum options to find what works best for your family
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The 9 Best Homeschool Grammar Curriculum Options to Make Your Life Easier

Wondering what homeschool grammar curriculum will be a good fit for your family? Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the available options, narrow down your search with these 9 best grammar programs recommended by homeschool families. Homeschool grammar can be an enjoyable experience for all, when you have the right curriculum 😉 The Right Homeschool…

Young boy smiling at laptop to feature how you can use Reading Eggs (Reading Eggspress, Fast Phonics, Reading Eggs Junior, and Mathseeds) as smart homeschool hacks to easily boost learning and make it fun
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Smart Homeschool Hack: Boost Learning (and Make It Fun) with Reading Eggs

Find out why Reading Eggs (and its other online learning programs) is a smart homeschool hack for easily making learning fun. Learning at home doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. It can be a positive experience for all (even if you work from home or have a big homeschool family). Disclaimer:  I received this…

Teenage boy using ACT Prep Online Bootcamp by College Prep Science with Greg Landry to prepare for taking the ACT with confidence and less test stress
Homeschool | Reviews

ACT Prep Online Bootcamp to Reduce Test Stress & Boost Student Success

This ACT Prep Online Bootcamp totally rocks for helping students reduce test stress and boost success. If you’d like to find a simple (and effective) solution to prepping for the ACT Test, check out what I’m using with my college-bound boy to make sure he’s ready and confident. Disclaimer:  I received this product for free…

Laptop with Homeschool Buyers Co-Op home page & a vase with daisies to feature the best place to find homeschool deals & more
Homeschool | Reviews

The Best Place for Outstanding Homeschool Deals & More

  Looking for amazing homeschool deals and ways to boost your learning at home experiences? You’ve made a smart move to find out where to go for fantastic homeschool curriculum deals and resources. Check out the best place to save time and money for discovering ways to make your homeschool work for you.    …

Boys smiling & using laptops to feature the amazing ways CTC Math is like magic in your homeschool
Homeschool | Reviews

5 Amazing Ways CTCMath is Like Magic in Your Homeschool

Looking for a homeschool math curriculum but feeling overwhelmed? Find out how CTCMath (and its Homeschool Family Membership with half-price discount) has been like magic in our homeschool – and why your family could benefit from its amazing resources. Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m…

Materials from Spring Virtual Kit from CodeChangers & boy pointing at laptop and DIY drone with its kit to feature the amazing experiences your kids can have with virtual tech camp
Homeschool | Reviews

How to Boost Learning at Home with Virtual Tech Camp Experiences

  Give your kids the amazing experience of virtual tech camp as you boost learning at home. With unexpected extra time at home, my boys are thriving with their STEM classes and project-based learning. Discover why select virtual camps can help you provide your kids with essential enrichment that appeals to their interests.    …

Boy coloring science timeline figure with Beautiful Feet Books A History of Science resources in background to feature how to ignite wonder in your homeschool science with curiosity-driven learning
Homeschool | Reviews

How to Ignite Wonder in Your Homeschool Science

  You can ignite wonder in your homeschool science with the right resources and support. Science is an incredible subject to get your kids excited about learning, even in middle school! Find out what we’re using to create curiosity-driven learning in our homeschool middle school science and enter to win one of five $100 gift…

Boy smiles as he holds Heroes and Happenings, a fabulous resource that's part of Sonlight's Exploring American History Kindergarten
Homeschool | Reviews

A Fascinating Way to Enrich Your Kindergarten Homeschool

  Make the most of your kindergarten homeschool experience, without overcomplicating it or making it boring. Your child is embarking on a critical point in their education and it’s time to get them excited about learning. I’ve found a fascinating way to enrich this special time of my youngest boy’s education. Check out what we’re…

Discover why our family loves Typesy, the best typing program for your homeschool.
Homeschool | Reviews

The Best Typing Program for Your Homeschool

  Looking for the best typing program for your homeschool but feeling overwhelmed with all of the options? After searching for and using a variety of resources, my boys and I have finally found a winner. Perfect for only one child or large homeschool families, this dream of a typing program is affordable, comprehensive, and…

Discover the benefits and joys of these Children's Books by Candlewick Press as windows of the world. Includes fun art activity to extend the learning fun!
Homeschool | Reviews

Windows of the World: Children’s Books to Spark Exploration & Curiosity

  There are three things you can never spend enough time doing: Spending time with loved ones Reading books Looking outside your window. And the best is when you can combine all three activities!   Do you enjoy these three things, too? Find out how I’m blending all three of my favorite activities for wonderful…

TypeKids, a fun touch typing course for kids, is an excellent way to boost your homeschool.
Homeschool | Reviews

How to Boost Your Homeschool with A Fun Typing Course for Kids

  When you’re thinking of making your homeschool day flow more smoothly, you’re probably not thinking of adding something to it. Usually, boosting your homeschool means figuring out what’s really working and cutting out all the extras that are just sucking the joy right out of your day. But, sometimes, that certain special something comes…

This fun homeschool science project lets your kids figure out what's the best electrolyte drink.
Homeschool | Reviews

Fun Homeschool Science Project: What’s the Best Electrolyte Drink?

  A fun homeschool science project can be one of the best ways to capture your child’s attention as you boost learning. When that homeschool science project is paired with your child’s interests, complex concepts are suddenly much easier to understand and apply to real life. Find out what our homeschool is using for affordable…

These fun & free typing games are easy ways to boost your homeschool. Help you kids become typists with these lessons, practices, and more!
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Why Your Kids Will Love These Fun & Free Typing Games

  Could your kids benefit from free typing games? Learn about the site I’m using for FREE typing games with my boys to help them learn typing skills AND get your free instant download of Typing Progress Charts! In our busy modern world, screens seem to be everywhere in the forms of smartphones, tablets, and…

Discover how you can mix chemistry & nutrition for awesome homeschool science fun!
Homeschool | Reviews

Mix Chemistry & Nutrition for Awesome Homeschool Science Fun

  You CAN make homeschool science fun and interesting, even in high school! Find what I’m doing with my boys to give them hands-on activities to boost homeschool high school science. Science is one of those subjects that a lot of homeschool moms worry about teaching. Many moms worry about the cost, effort, and know-how to present…

8th grade homeschool can feel overwhelming. Find out why Kendall Hunt's Pathways 2.0 Language Arts is helping this busy homeschool mom engage and inspire her teen.
Homeschool | Reviews

8th Grade Homeschool Language Arts to Engage & Inspire

  8th grade homeschool can feel intimidating. It’s the year right before high school and that’s scary. You want to do this right and get your child prepared for the next step. And then there are the hormones and attitude. How are you supposed to engage and inspire your 8th grade homeschool student with their language…

Find the best ways to explore health careers in your homeschool science. Make it hands-on & interactive.
Homeschool | Reviews

The Best Ways to Explore Health Careers in Your Homeschool Science

  When your kids express an interest in a career, your ears perk up. You can learn so much about your kids when they share their dreams and aspirations for their futures. And you want to encourage them to pursue their passions! It’s super exciting when you can help them learn more about those careers…

You can make homeschool high school American History interesting with Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC). Find out why my two older boys beg to do their history lessons!
Homeschool | Reviews

How to Make Homeschool High School American History Interesting

  Homeschooling high school can be a challenge. Not only are the subjects more intense, but it can feel nearly impossible to find something that captures your teen’s attention and keeps their interest. Do you have a subject or two like that for your kids? For our family, it’s American History. My two older boys have…

Wondering how you can help your high schooler prepare for college now? Need to save time and money when it comes to college prep? Find out how to make CLEP test prep easy for your high school student!
Homeschool | Reviews

How to Make CLEP Test Prep Easy for Your High School Student

  Do you worry about how you can help your high school student prepare for and afford college? You most definitely are not alone! Fortunately, there are amazing resources available that can enables you to start earning college credit in an affordable way during high school. If you’re like me, the idea of homeschooling high…