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4 Creative Subtraction Activities to Make Math Fun


These 4 creative subtraction activities featuring cute zoo animals are excellent ways to make math fun.

Take a peek at this variety of fun ways to practice subtraction facts and get your free printable set today!


Easily make math fun with these 4 free creative subtraction activities.


Learning & Practicing Subtraction Can Be Fun!

Math worksheets don’t have to be dry and boring.

If your kids balk at math drills, make learning and practicing math facts fun with cool and creative activities.

As a homeschool mom of 5 boys, I’ve discovered that math can be SO much fun. And all that math fun can make learning basic concepts stick much better 😉

Instead of using the drill-n-kill approach, I look for ways to make math concepts come alive for my boys, especially when learning basic math concepts.

From a young age, we’d use all types of real-life manipulatives to talk about numbers and counting. Things like small toys, pebbles, and crackers were put to educational use (and then, of course, play or snack!).

Now that my youngest is mastering addition and subtraction, I’ve been building a collection of fun math activities that he can enjoy. I love to have these types of printable math activities to hang on our refrigerator, put in our homeschool portfolio, and tuck away for special homeschool memories.

These Subtraction Activities featuring cute zoo animals are a natural extension for our Addition Activities featuring pets. Such awesome ways to build those math skills!


Subtraction connect the dots, memory game, roll-and-cover, and color by difference to feature how these 4 creative subtraction activities featuring cute zoo animals are amazing ways to make math fun


4 Fantastic Activities for Subtraction Fun for Kids

This free printable set contains 4 different Subtraction Activities, including:


1. Color By Difference

This adorable activity features a giraffe. Your kids will solve the subtraction problems and color according to their solution.

You’ll find an answer key to consult and compare results 🙂


2. Subtraction Memory Game

Memory games are some of the best ways to give kids a fun hands-on approach to learning. (Xman LOVES our free sight words memory games. It’s been a game-changer for his reading!)

I recommend printing these pages on white cardstock for durability.

You can either cut the cards out yourself or give to your kids to practice scissor skills.

Mix up the cards and flip all cards over.

To play, the first player selects two cards, trying to make a match of subtraction problem to correct difference. For example, a correct match would be 6-2 ostriches cards (with 6 ostriches showing and red lines covering 2 ostriches) to the 4 ostrich card.

The player with the most Subtraction matches at the end of the game wins.

**You can simplify this game by only using half the cards to save time or focus on practicing only a few subtraction facts at a time.


Color by difference and woman holding subtraction memory game card with others in background to feature how this free printable pack of 4 creative subtraction activities will help you easily make math fun for kids


3. Roll-and-Cover Subtraction Activities

This cute subtraction game requires a pencil and paperclip (for a DIY spinner) and small manipulatives to cover the solutions.

I encourage you to print this subtraction game on white cardstock and laminate for durability.

If you don’t mind printing extra copies of the game, your kids could color the answers as they play.

**An instruction page is included in this free printable set 🙂


4. Subtraction Connect the Dots

Another super cute way to practice subtraction facts!

Your kids will solve the subtraction problems and then connect the dots to see what zoo animal will appear! Color the picture and enjoy 🙂


Color by difference, roll-and-cover, subtraction memory game, and connect the dots to feature how these 4 free creative subtraction activities will help you easily make math fun


Get Your FREE Set of Subtraction Activities for Math Fun

WooHoo! You’re on your way to making learning and practicing subtraction facts fun for your kids.

This free printable (PDF) set includes 6 pages of subtraction activities (plus answers keys when appropriate and terms of use pages). You’ll find:

  • 1 Color By Difference activity (+ answer key)
  • 2 pages of Subtraction Memory Game (with a total of 40 cards)
  • 1 Subtraction Roll-and-Cover Game
  • 1 Subtraction Connect the Dots


Oh my stars! I would be so honored if you’d share these subtraction activities with your friends, family, or co-workers. If you do, please share the link to this post (and NOT to the download). Thanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!


Subtraction roll-and-cover game and connect the dots featuring cute zoo animals to feature how these 4 creative subtraction activities can help you easily make practicing subtraction facts fun


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Get your FREE Subtraction Activities featuring Cute Zoo Animals by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Your kids will love practicing subtraction facts with these 4 free subtraction activities for creative math fun.

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