Star Wars-Inspired Fun is awesome for your family, party, classroom, and homeschool. You can boost learning fun and celebrations that feature Star Wars movies and characters.

Rock Your Homeschool loves to share printables and activities that you can use for Star Wars-Inspired Fun.

With five boys and self-proclaimed geeky dad, Star Wars themes pop up a lot in our family and homeschool. Take a look at these resources and stay tuned for more fun from a galaxy far, far away!

BB-8 and R2-D2 know how to have Star Wars-Inspired Fun!

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Star Wars-Inspired Fun Activities

8 free printable Star Wars color by number pages featuring Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Yoda, Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, and C-3PO on black galaxy background
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Star Wars Color by Number for Out of this World Fun (8 Free Printables)

These Star Wars color by number pages are so much fun! Your Star Wars fans will have a blast following the code to reveal some of their favorite characters. Check out these 8 printable color by number activities featuring Star Wars characters and get your set today! Star Wars + Color by Number = FUN!…

Baby Yoda coloring pages with Baby Yoda in floating pod and Baby Yoda holding cup of soup with crayons on wood background
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

7 Free Baby Yoda Coloring Pages for Super Fun Activities

These Baby Yoda coloring pages are perfect activities for your Star Wars fans. With 7 styles to choose from, these free printable coloring pages provide a variety of ways to enjoy coloring fun featuring this popular character. Check out simple yet fun coloring pages and get your free set today! Simple Yet Special Ways to…

Star Wars-Inspired bingo game cards and calling cards with gold stars on white background with woman holding C-3P0 calling card to feature the fun you can have with this free printable game
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Star Wars-Inspired Bingo Game for Fantastic Fun

Have a blast with this Star Wars-Inspired Bingo Game! This free printable pack has all you need for a fun S-P-A-C-E game with your Star Wars fans. You’ll love having this bingo game for your Star Wars party, rainy day fun, or anytime you want to enjoy an easy activity with your family and friend….

6 free Baby Yoda coloring bookmarks with color pencils and crayons on wood background & woman holding completed Baby Yoda coloring bookmark to feature the reading fun you can have with these printables
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

6 Free Baby Yoda Coloring Bookmarks for Reading Fun

    Your kids will go crazy for these Baby Yoda Coloring Bookmarks. With 6 styles, these coloring bookmarks for kids are awesome ways to motivate your readers with this adorable and popular Star Wars character. Check out these bookmarks and get creative ideas for customizing and more. Grab your free printable set today!  …

Star Wars-Inspired Grid Art activity featuring Yoda with crayons and green pencil to highlight the drawing fun your Star Wars fans can have with these free printable activities
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Fantastic Fun with Free Star Wars-Inspired Grid Art Activities

Looking for a fun and easy activity to enjoy with your Star Wars fans? Check out these Star Wars-Inspired Grid Art Activities! With 18 different cute Star Wars characters to choose from, you’ll love these simple and creative ways to have stellar fun. Get great ideas and tips for using these free printable activities today!…

This free printable Star Wars-Inspired 2019 Calendar with monthly pages is an awesome way to have fun planning your year.
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Star Wars-Inspired Calendar for 2019 Planning Fun

    Have fun planning 2019 with this free Star Wars-Inspired Calendar! With a simple layout featuring your favorite Star Wars characters, you’ll actually enjoy planning all those appointments, activities, and more.     Awesome Way to Get Your Star Wars Fans On Board with Planning! How do you get your family members who fight a…

Get fabulous & free ideas for Star Wars-Inspired Party Decor. Make your space party stellar!
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Fabulous & Free Ideas for Star Wars-Inspired Party Decor

When you want to host an out of this world party, you need to make it pop. These free and fabulous ideas for Star Wars-Inspired party decor will help your special celebration look fabulous and be super fun. And you don’t have to spend a fortune 😉 We have had several outstanding Star Wars-Inspired birthday…

Free Star Wars-Inspired decoding activities & decoder with cute C-3PO and Yoda clipart to feature the Star Wars fun you can enjoy with these printable activities
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Star Wars-Inspired Activities for Decoding Fun

Get ready for some super stellar fun with these Star Wars-Inspired Activities for Decoding Fun! These free printables are easy ways to boost learning fun for your Star Wars fans. Find out more about these decoding activities and how you can get your free download today. Kids Love Decoding Fun with Star Wars-Inspired Activities! These…

2 free Star Wars-Inspired cootie catchers to feature the awesome fun you can have to celebrate Star Wars Day or any day you'd like to have fun with your Star Wars fans
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

2 Free Star Wars-Inspired Origami Fortune Tellers – UPDATED 2021

Your Star Wars fans are going to have a blast with these Star Wars-Inspired Origami Fortune Tellers! With two different versions featuring popular characters from this sensational sci-fi series, these free printable activities can be used for all sorts of fantastic fun. Get inspiration and ideas on how you can use these hands-on learning fun…

Have some stellar fun with these free Star Wars-Inspired printables.
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

The Ultimate List of Free Star Wars-Inspired Printables

Got Star Wars fans? This ultimate list of free Star Wars-Inspired printables will help you have some awesome intergalactic fun (and celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th).! Discover fabulous games, activities, coloring pages, and more. You’ll find tons of ways to inspire Star Wars-themed learning and everyday fun. I curated this list of free…

Woman holding a Star Wars-Inspired coloring bookmark featuring Rs-D2 with other coloring bookmarks and crayons to feature the variety ways of to have Star Wars reading fun with kids
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Star Wars-Inspired Coloring Bookmarks for Kids

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to boost reading time for kids, these free Star Wars-Inspired Coloring Bookmarks are the way to go! Let your Star Wars fans customize their own bookmarks for a stellar reading accessory. Great for parties, library, classroom, homeschool, and family fun 🙂 Find out how my boys…

Free Star Wars-Inspired coloring pages featuring Ewok & C-3PO and crayons and small-sizesd figures colored & glued onto wooden craft sticks to feature all the awesome ways to have fun with these free Star Wars coloring activities
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Star Wars-Inspired Coloring Pages for Kids

These free Star Wars-Inspired Coloring Pages are awesome ways to have easy fun with kids. Featuring 12 of your favorite Star Wars characters, these coloring pages come in 2 sizes. Fabulous for parties, classroom, library, homeschool, and family fun! Find out more and get your free printable pack of Star Wars-Inspired Coloring pages today! Star…

Star Wars toilet paper roll figures to feature the creative & frugal fun you can have at home with these activities
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

Free Easy Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Figures for Creative Fun

Enjoy awesome hands-on fun with your kids with these free printables for Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll figures! Discover different ways to have a blast with your kids using these figures and get your free printable pack today 🙂 Have a Blast with Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Figures! More Star Wars fun for your…

free printable 20 Star Wars Cards Your Kids Will Love For Playdough and More
Fun | Interest-Led | Star Wars

20 Star Wars Cards Your Kids Will Love For Playdough & More!

    Our family loves all things Star Wars.  Movies, books, and toys with Star Wars themes are often the first choice in our all-boy home. Playtime is infused with light saber duels and talk of “the Dark Side”. If your family loves Star Wars like mine, keep reading! If you are in a time crunch, scroll down to find…