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I’m Amy – a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys (with 1 graduate!!) who finds herself using her psychology and therapy experience (that Master’s Degree really did pay off!) Every. Single. Day. (okay-multiple times an hour) to enjoy homeschool life to the extreme 🎉

⭐️ Quick version (because I know you’re busy!):  I went from a hot mess express who was overwhelmed with the situation of suddenly homeschooling 2 boys (and pregnant with a toddler clinging to my legs) to a relaxed + eclectic large family homeschooler embracing outside-the-box learning with a massive lean towards growth mindset skills.

From our experiences (including all the ups and downs), I’ve learned right along with my boys.

Sure, lots of cool stuff that I never picked up when I was in public school.

But, also TONS of life lessons that opened my eyes and heart to what learning truly is – and how to make it an enjoyable experience for allespecially at home.

⭐️ The good news is that you CAN positively homeschool – even if you don’t have a background in psychology and therapy. I’m here to share from my experiences – resources, tips, and secrets for enjoying learning fun and making the most of this special time with your family.

You CAN homeschool and enjoy positive relationships with healthy communication, boundaries, and goals. I’m SO glad that you’re here to learn more about how to positively homeschool – because learning is really more than academics.

Rock Your Homeschool helps you positively
make life & learning fun.

So, what does it mean to positively homeschool?

Ooh, it’s amazingly empowering!!

⭐️ Just a few of the perks include:

  • Creating a positive learning atmosphere environment
  • Being confident about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it
  • Exercising a mindset to focus on solutions and growth
  • Embracing a relaxed routine that works for you and your family
  • Discovering how to let go and relax as a homeschooler
  • Developing and enjoying healthy relationships built on trust, respect, and positive communication

If all of that sounds like your dream homeschool experience, then you’re in the right place 🥰️

Ready to get started? High five! Let’s have some FUN!

Get tips, ideas, and resources for 👉

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Rock Your Homeschool community is a place where you learn how to use homeschool fun to boost learning, relationships, & life.
Here I am a few years into our homeschool adventures, surrounded by my 5 boys & our dog, Cooper. This crew likes to have fun 🙂

Let’s make life & learning fun 🙂

Now that you have learned a bit about Rock Your Homeschool, I’d love to hear from you! Email me at [email protected]. I want to get to know you and your vision of making life & learning fun. Because it’s always better with friends 🙂

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