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Homeschool Code Academy: Amazing Way for Kids to Learn How to Code

Homeschool Code Academy is the BEST way to help your kids learn how to code.

With a systematic approach, your students will be wowing you with their new computer skills.

Find out more about this course and why my boys have been LOVING it (plus snag a tremendous deal!).

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Homeschool Code Academy is a fantastic introduction to coding for kids. This self-paced course will help you get fantastic computer skills and more!

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

Why Coding Is An Awesome Addition to Your Homeschool

Want to boost your kids’ creativity, problem solving skills, and overall learning experience?

Add coding to your homeschool plans and goals!

Coding is an amazing skill for kids of all ages to have. Getting Smart shares the Top 5 Benefits of Coding for Kids.

When learning how to code, your kids are thinking outside the box and actively trying to figure out how to solve problems while having fun.

As my boys get older, I’ve been thinking about homeschool electives, like coding, and other ways to let them dabble in different areas to see what they might like and want to pursue as a career.

Core subjects, like math and social studies, are required and covered. But, I haven’t found these subjects to really spark any talk of future education, jobs, or even hobbies.

The real conversation of interests and possible career choices happens when my boys step outside of the required subjects and take deep dives into electives.

Tween boys using computers for coding lessons to feature how Homeschool Code Academy is a fantastic introduction to coding for kids

Build On Your Kids’ Interests (& Turn Screentime Into a Positive)

My boys are obsessed with computers.

From video games to researching their latest interests (or long-time favorites like blobfishes lol!), my boys ❤️️ computers!

So, I wasn’t too surprised when two of my boys (Bear and Smiley) wanted to learn how to code. They’d been asking a lot of questions about it and wanted to know if they were old enough to start.

I had no idea! I’m not exactly what you’d call “tech savvy” 😉

But, wanting to help my boys explore their interests, I asked around. And started searching for an affordable and effective course that teaches kids how to code.

WooHoo! I found this AWESOME coding course for kids taught by a homeschool dad

And I’m SO glad that I did! I didn’t realize all the benefits of learning how to code, like:

  • Logic Skills
    • Students learn to apply logical thinking. When creating programs, students must think and reason about what conditions, rules, and algorithmic steps need to be a part of their program.
  • Problem Solving Skills
    • Computer programming helps build problem solving skills. Kids learn to break problems down into smaller problems to solve the whole.
  • Creativity
    • Writing computer programs also engages the creative part of our brains. Students must think creatively to solve problems and design their solutions.
  • See How Math is Used
    • By learning to code, kids get to see real world applications of math. When drawing graphics, kids get to put simple math to work.
  • Turn Screen Time into Learning
    • Learning to code can help your kids become creators instead of consumers. Such positive ways to engage with media and technology!
Homeschool Code Academy logo and tween boy on computer doing a coding lesson to feature how this self-paced course will help your kids get a fantastic introduction to coding

Homeschool Code Academy: The Perfect Way to Teach Coding

Homeschool Code Academy‘s online course Python for Beginner’s: Learn Coding at Home teaches your child computer programming (a.k.a. coding) even if you don’t know how.

Bear (10) and Smiley (12) have been using this course and LOVING it!

They’ve already learned so much – and, of course, love to tell our family and friends all about it 😊

Both boys ask me to do their coding lessons. I haven’t had to remind (or nag) them once to do them. Wish I could say the same for writing 😉

AND the boys even do extra lessons – without prompting.

Those two signs are very good indicators that the course is engaging, effective, and fun.

A few of the things that rock about this coding for kids course include:

  • Video lessons taught by a homeschool dad (Matt Bohn) and expert software engineer
  • Lessons are short and easy-to-follow (my boys do it all on their own!)
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Solid foundation to computer coding by learning Python, one of the most popular languages in use that’s used by companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google
  • Online email support (if your kids get stuck)
  • Hands-on learning (watch a lesson and perform the challenge for reinforcement)
  • Downloadable files for every example and challenge
  • It’s easy to start the course at any time!

Oh, and both boys have been independently working on their lessons with Homeschool Code Academy. After initially getting them set up, I haven’t had to do a thing. The course is easy-to-use and takes your students step-by-step through the process.

I love having a homeschool elective that my boys can do on their own. It frees up my time to work with Xman (7) who is already asking when he can start to learn how to code with Mr. Matt.

Xman will need to wait a few years. Homeschool Code Academy is recommended for grades 5 and up (depending on your child’s math level). If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact Matt who can help you determine what’s best for your kids.

Tween boys on computers doing coding lessons to feature how Homeschool Code Academy is an amazing way for kids to learn how to code using a self-paced course

Boost Learning with Homeschool Code Academy

My favorite part about Homeschool Code Academy:  Kids become creators not consumersPositive use of screentime!

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Homeschool Code Academy is an amazing way for your kids to learn how to code. Find out why my boys love it and why your kids will, too.

Completely worth it for helping your kids master these valuable skills!

If you have kids who are into computers, help them take that interest to the next level by learning how to codeYou may be surprised with how far they take it!

Amazing Homeschool Code Academy GIVEAWAY!

WooHoo! Homeschool Code Academy is giving away 5 spots for the Python for Beginners course!

Got questions about Homeschool Code Academy’s Python for Beginners: Learn Coding at Home? Let me know in the comments area below and I’ll be happy to help 🙂

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  1. I would love to win this for my son (10). He loves playing & creating Roblox games, but I’d love for him to go even deeper into coding.

  2. Great opportunity!

    I have a very quick learning second grader and she really enjoys coding. The challenges of it are very valuable as she tends to want to give up. The few trials she has done has motivated her to finish because she wants to see the end product. This would help her so much more. My 5th grader would love this too. He has expressed interest for a few years now. He likes to use the code trials we have done as transitions between subjects (transitions has always been a struggle so it was wonderful to see him excited to move forward). This could be such a great opportunity for them. Thank you.

  3. It really gets me excited to hear how kids get inspired by learning to code. So many times we hear from parents that their kids are really motivated to do coding lessons and show off the fun programs they write. Very humbling and exciting to see the enthusiasm. – Matt @ Homeschool Code Academy.

  4. I am a computer nerd and I have 2 grown sons that are, as well! Both of my boys have even mad a living out of it.

    I however, am also a spy. My daughter danced with a lot of homeschool girls. I spent hours and hours of time with them, and wished that I could homeschool my own children. But I am stuck (that soundxs bad, and I really do love it) as a public school teacher. So I’m a spy (from the other side), looking to you homeschool moms for new ideas. I just love the ideas and materials that I get here.

    I am teach a self-contained class of 3rd – 8th grade students with autism and intellectual disabilities (Different Abilities!!). I am not focusing on insisting that my 8th graders must know the alphabet, or how to multiply and divide. I am trying to teach them how to think!! They need to be able to think critically and creatively. they also need to know how to collaborate. I want them to leave me, knowing skills that could actually open up many doors for their future. Just because they don’t learn the way that most children do does not mean that they cannot be productive in society.

    I am trying to teach my students coding. One of my son’s was much like these students. He never did well in school. But after he graduated, he taught himself coding and is now earning twice of what I make (after 33 years). I really wish that I could sign my students up for your coding academy. But my husband put the breaks on my spending for my students. (I have actually spent over two thousand dollars on year. I believe in the abilities of my students. They just need to be given a chance!

  5. My son loves coding. He started with code blocks and taught himself. Has has had great success with creating animated characters (especially transforming robots), games and stories through coding. I want to encourage his interest in this new skill and want to challenge him further with coding with words and symbols.

  6. I think this would be a great course for my 14-years old daughter. She really wants to figure out what she will be interested to do as a profession in future, so I think it will be helpful to try coding.

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