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5 Amazing Ways CTCMath is Like Magic in Your Homeschool

Looking for a homeschool math curriculum but feeling overwhelmed?

Find out how CTCMath (and its Homeschool Family Membership with half-price discount) has been like magic in our homeschool – and why your family could benefit from its amazing resources.

Find out why CTC Math is like magic in your homeschool. This affordable online math curriculum is such a sanity saver for our homeschool with 5 boys.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

Homeschool Math Does NOT Have to Be Stressful

Math is just one of those subjects that seems to cause a lot of tension for homeschoolers.

Why is homeschool math such a sore subject?

Often, kids start off enjoying fun math basics, like counting and patterns. When homeschool math lessons and activities start to ramp up, some kids start to balk.

Another reason why homeschool parents frequently dread math is due to negative personal experiences. Can you relate?

Although I’m a self-described math nerd (took Calculus 3 for fun in college), I know that not all homeschool parents feel the same way.

AND I also know that a busy homeschool life often means you feel pulled in a gazillion directions as you try to teach different ages and different grade levels as you juggle activities, chores, and working from home.

That’s why I’m bouncing up and down to share our homeschool experiences with CTCMath a complete online homeschool math curriculum.

Boys smiling & using laptops to feature the amazing ways CTC Math is like magic in your homeschool

Busy Homeschool Families: This Curriculum is for YOU!

If you’ve got a lot going on in your homeschool, CTCMath could very well be a fantastic fit for your family. Here are 5 reasons why I believe CTCMath rocks:

1. CTCMath includes grades K-12

With the Homeschool Family Membership, you get access to ALL grades (K-12 through Calculus). For only one price!

You save time and money. Plus, you can use all grade levels for all students, even if a child is behind, on target, or ahead.

Students can move ahead (if ready) or review concepts (if they need a bit more time and practice)

The Homeschool Family Membership by CTCMath helps you save time, money, & your sanity.

2. Get outstanding online quiz and test practice

Although I’m not a huge fan of formal tests to assess student comprehension and ability, I feel that test-taking skills are important for kids to learn. At some point, students might need to take an online assessment for college, trade, or career purposes. Taking online quizzes and tests, through resources like CTCMath, provide fantastic experiences and feedback.

Also, in our state, standardized testing is required for grades 3, 5, and 8. We typically use the online CAT (California Achievement Tests). I don’t like it but it keeps us legit 😉

The last round of online CAT testing caused anxiety for two of my boys. I realized that they didn’t have much experience with online testing. Eek!

With CTCMath, my boys get plenty of extra practice completing quizzes and tests to determine their understanding of concepts.

After a few lessons and experiences with CTCMath quizzes, my younger boys are now much more at ease. It’s been totally worth it for this type of practice with online testing to ease test anxiety and improve performance.

3. CTCMath provides a variety of ways to learn and practice math concepts

With this online homeschool math curriculum, your kids watch and listen to a video. After the video lessons, your students are led through a quiz with interactive questions to assess their understanding of the concepts.

You also have the option to print out a PDF version of the lesson (as well as access an online Lesson Summary).

CTC Math is perfect for large homeschool families with kids in grades K-12.
Professor is working on an Algebra II review with CTC Math. It’s been fantastic for going back over concepts that need a bit more work.

4. Amazing reports

You can receive weekly progress reports for all students. I love having this type of accountability!

We’ve tried other online homeschool math programs. And I was the one who miserably failed to stay on top of my boys’ progress! That does NOT happen with CTCMath.

CTCMath makes it easy for me to keep up-to-date with all of my boys’ math progress.

Emails with weekly reports help you keep track of your child’s progress (and you can always check student dashboards and your parent dashboard 😉).

5. CTCMath supports independent learning goals

Students can complete lessons on their own – even if they’re pre-readers or early readers. To hear a question or statement, a student just needs to tap on 🔊 to hear it read aloud for them.

You may need to step in here and there for assistance. But, overall, your time is freed up to help other kids or prep for a different homeschool subject. And your kids are able to learn at their own pace 😊

Boy watching math lesson on laptop with flowers in vase in background to feature the amazing ways CTC Math is like magic in your homeschool

Why CTCMath Can Work Like Magic

As a busy homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, I greatly appreciate how CTCMath is so easy to use and access. Setting up accounts is a piece of cake. Remember to jot down each of your students’ usernames and passwords!.

This homeschool math curriculum is engaging and effective in explaining a concept in a clear and concise fashion. (A feature that my boys greatly appreciate!)

As a parent, you can login and assign students specific tasks. You also get a weekly progress report which is extremely helpful in keeping up with progress.

You have the ability to customize each of your students’ learning. For each student, you can select their pass mark (what percentage they must achieve to pass each lesson), color themes, and reports.

A feature that I absolutely adore is History >>> Timeline. You can reference when your student signed in and how long they worked on a math lesson. (I would think this feature is perfect for homeschoolers that are required to record hours according to their state’s homeschool laws.)

Our state (Pennsylvania) requires homeschool portfolios. CTCMath makes it super easy to generate reports of homeschool math grades, concepts covered, and dates. Just go to your Parent Login >>> Tools >>> Export data and BOOM!  You can download a summary, comprehensive, student activity log, and curriculum for each student.

Your kids will have a blast learning with CTC Math.
Bear is making wondering progress with his CTC Math this year.

Another wonderful feature that I recently discovered was the printable checklists for each grade. You can download and print a checklist to demonstrate lessons, dates completed, and grade. I’ll be adding these checklists to my homeschool binder 😉

Oh, and the question bank wizard enables you to create optional printable worksheet for customized practice problems!

Students are able to take Diagnostic Tests that are Short (20 questions), Standard (30 questions), or Comprehensive (40 questions).

Other outstanding bonus features included in CTCMath are Speed Skills, Time Tables, and Swap Pieces.

For Speed Skills, depending on the selected level (1-4), your student can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed multiplication and division, division with remainder, and order or operations. Pretty amazing stuff!

Times Tables provides students with engaging ways to practice multiplication facts from 1x through 12x.

Swap Pieces is an interesting logic game to challenge your students.

CTCMath and its online program checks off all the boxes: It’s a full math curriculum that’s online, easy-to-use, affordable, effective, and FUN!

Bonus points for working with different learning styles, too!

Young boy pointing to laptop screen with CTCMath lesson to feature how CTCMath makes it easy, engaging, and affordable to teach homeschool math to multiple kids

Get CTCMath Now with This Incredible Deal

Ready to begin this awesome homeschool journey with CTCMath?

Sit down for this one. You can get CTCMath as a homeschooler for 50% off for a great discount on this 12-month membership (includes 12-month money-back guarantee).

Oh yes, you read that right. You get access for ALL of your kids to ALL of CTCMath (grades K-12) for half off. Music to the ears of homeschool moms!

TAP HERE or on the button below to get the details and get a FREE trial to give it a spin. You’ll be so happy you did 🙂

Give CTCMath a test ride with these free trial.

If you have ANY questions about CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership (or anything about CTCMath), please leave them in the comments area below.

Are you on the search for a fantastic homeschool math curriculum to boost learning at home?
How could CTCMath help you make that happen?

Find out why CTC Math is like magic in your hoemschool with its affordable membership & effective curriculum.

Learn Even More About Why We Love CTCMath!

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