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woman holding red clipboard with free printable gratitude scavenger hunt with red pencil and rainbow of markers on wood background
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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Fun Way to Help Kids Be Thankful & More (Free Printable)

This gratitude scavenger hunt is a simple yet creative way to help your kids practice thankfulness and appreciation. You can use this free printable scavenger hunt with gratitude themes with a variety of ages, from little ones through adults. Get creative ideas for enjoying this positive activity with your kids and your free set today!…

woman holding calming bedtime activities pages with rainbow of markers and pencils on wood background
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Calming Bedtime Activities for Kids: How to Enjoy a Positive Routine

Calming bedtime activities can make a huge difference in your kids well-being and overall functioning. If you’re tired of the nighttime struggle, these tips and ideas are wonderful ways to help your kids settle down and relax. Plus, the affirmations are amazing ways to help your kids build self-esteem and more! Find out how I…

Boy and girl laying back on couch with feet crossed and up against wall and young girl on lime green beanbag chair writing in a pink journal to feature these 10 simple yet powerful activities to help kids with anxiety
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10 Simple Yet Powerful Activities to Help Kids with Anxiety

Discover how you can use these simple yet powerful activities to help kids with anxiety. You’ll find different ways to help your anxious kids calm down, focus, and practice other positive coping skills. These types of tools can be used in a fun way to promote healthy well-being and more. Get tips and ideas from…

Young Asian child smiling with eyes shut while wearing headphones and young black girl smiling as she uses her fingers to count to ten to feature these anger management skills for kids
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Anger Management Skills for Kids: 11+ Amazing Ways to Teach & Practice

Anger management skills for kids are super helpful ways to learn to manage emotions and more. If you’d like to help your children learn and practice these essential life skills but not quite sure what to do or how, these 11+ tips and tricks are fantastic ways to get started. Find out more about these…

Young girl smiling with eyes closed as she sits on a yoga mat with crossed legs
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5 Powerful Benefits of Yoga for Kids (+ How to Easily Make It Fun)

Discover the benefits of yoga for kids – and how you can easily make it fun. Yoga practices and exercises can be simple ways for your kids to calm down, gain self-control, and more. Get tips, ideas, and recommended resources for using yoga to help your kids (and you) boost learning and life. Why Yoga…

3 kids leaning towards a water sprinkler on summer day and yellow wagon filled with water balloons to feature these outdoor water fun for kids ideas

Outdoor Water Fun for Kids: 10+ Ideas & Tips for Cool Ways to Have a Blast

Outdoor water fun for kids makes hot weather enjoyable, even educational. With a bit of creativity and the right ideas, your kids will have a blast with super cool outdoor water activities. Use these terrific tips and ideas to easily boost your outdoor water fun for kids! Easily Boost Your Summer with Outdoor Water Fun…