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How To Create A Relaxed Learning Atmosphere In Homeschool

You CAN create a relaxed learning atmosphere in homeschool. Find out why a relaxed environment is perfect for many type of learners plus tips & resources to inspire you. Discover how a relaxed approach to homeschooling works for our family-and how it can work for yours!


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Newsflash:  You do not have to replicate public school in your homeschool.

Before you run away shrieking in disbelief and fear, allow me to explain. I, too, was once under the spell that homeschool must look like public school. Textbooks, worksheets, and scheduled times per subject were what I thought necessary for an effective education.

I went to public school. My parents were both public school teachers. Geez, I even played school at home on a daily basis as a child. (My stuffed animal and little sister gave me rave reviews.)

You need to sit in desks with stiff chairs to properly learn anything, right? A classroom requires artificial light and stale air to set the proper learning atmosphere, correct? Surely, students must sit for a specified amount of time with little to no movement?

(I must add one for my boys who love to lounge or don costumes as they learn at home:  Kids must wear clothes in order to learn. No pajama bottoms for comfort or costumes for creative learning fun!)

A big fat NO to all of the above! Dear homeschool friend, break free from the public school mentality chains that bind you. Your homeschool can have a relaxed learning atmosphere-and you are the one to establish it!You can create a relaxed learning atmosphere in your homeschool. With the right attitude and resources, you can make a positive learning environment. 2 boys on a comfortable beanbag

What Is A Relaxed Learning Atmosphere & Why Create One?

A relaxed learning atmosphere merely means that you and your children feel comfortable and accepted. You do not feel limited or stifled. Not one member of your homeschool feels forced or awkward. Learning flows naturally and takes place according to what participants need, traditionally or non-traditionally.

For example, Smiley (7) tends to fidget with his hands and likes to move around every few minutes or so. In our relaxed learning atmosphere, he is allowed to hold an action figure or stuffed animal as long as it doesn’t distract. Smiley may also run a lap around the room, lay upside down to read, or do jumping jacks. His level of cooperation and engagement significantly increases with this type of relaxed learning atmosphere. Struggles are removed and learning takes place.

Homeschooling affords you with the ability to meet your kids where they are. Your kids do not have to be shoved into cookie cutters and forced to attempt learning in a rigid environment. As a homeschooler, you have the opportunity to set a positive stage for learning based on your children’s needs.

Your relaxed learning atmosphere is going to look different than mine. There is no one way to create a positive learning environment. Consider the personalities and learning styles within your homeschool. Add or subtract resources or practices to best make a relaxed learning atmosphere for your family.

A relaxed learning atmosphere is possible in your homeschool. With resources like the Brentwood Home Venice Lounger, you can set the stage for relaxed learning. young boy reading a book as he relaxes on comfortable beanbag

Tips On Creating A Relaxed Learning Atmosphere

1. It may take some time to embrace this practice.

You will feel uncomfortable and unsure. You will experience fear and unease. All of these thoughts and feelings are okay and part of growth. Acknowledge and let them go.

2. Trust the process.

A big step for homeschool moms! Trusting in herself and her kids to set the stage for learning? Crush doubts and replace them with healthy thoughts as you allow your relaxed learning environment to settle. Give yourself at least a week with a new facet of your relaxed learning atmosphere. For help with this step, here is a free printable Journal for Finding Your Homeschool Groove with writing prompts and ideas on helping your overcome struggles.

3. Allow structure or tradition.

Some kids thrive with a traditional approach-and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong per se with traditional learning; it developed for a reason. For your children that like structure, checklists, and worksheets, go for it. Just keep the pressure off and positive encouragement flowing.

4. Talk with your kids.

Get your kids’ input about how to create an effective and relaxed learning atmosphere. You may be pleasantly surprised by their suggestions. Your discussion will be another way to connect plus help them test their theories for another fun learning experience!

5. Have fun!

Shake out the serious and anxious vibes. Ditch the drab and go for the fab! Part of creating a successful relaxed learning environment is adding fun. Get great ideas with these free printable Homeschool Fun Monthly Calendars.

6. Stay flexible.

Some of your ideas for setting the stage for relaxed learning will be brilliant and some will be flops. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to sort out a positive learning environment that will help your kids reach their potentials. Keep realistic expectations that have room for adaptation as your homeschool works out the kinks in your relaxed homeschool atmosphere.

7. Accessorize with the right resources!

Part of creating an atmosphere includes the props and background. With the right type of resources, your work will be so much easier. As always, consider your budget and living space as you craft a relaxed learning atmosphere.

Candles can help set the mood for learning. The warm glow of a few well-placed candles can brighten your space and help clean the air. These DIY beeswax candles are perfect for cleaning the air and calming my boys for activities like poetry teatime.

Essential oils are wonderful additions to a relaxed learning atmosphere. Forest of Kingdom First Homeschool shares how she uses essential oils in homeschool.

A comfortable place to read and do work is a must for relaxed learning! The right piece will be an invitation to your child to sit back, relax, and absorb the words from your read-aloud or lesson.

Brentwood Home Venice Lounger helps you easily set the stage for a relaxed learning atmosphere in your homeschool. These quality eco-friendly loungers are hand-crafted. They are soft and luxurious as they adjust to your child’s body.

My boys have a graphite-colored Venice Lounger that has become a source of comfort. I am thrilled with this lounger because it is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. All of my boys have allergies and Professor has asthma, too. The slipcover (which has a lock to keep little hands from opening and shutting it all the time) easily comes off to wash. My boys now have a comfortable spot to enjoy their books or an educational video that is allergen-free.

We were also blessed with the LilyPad pillow. Bear (5) immediately called dibs on this pillow. He has a penchant for all things cozy and soft. The materials that make up this pillow make it perfect for my inventive little boy who is known for spinning tales of wonder and delight at bedtime as a stall technique. Bear gets so comfortable that he is often asleep in minutes (a true miracle, indeed!).

All of the pillows for kids and adults look amazing. My other boys have added the DewDrop Pillow to their wishlists. Coach thinks the Aliso Feathered Gel Pillow would help him get an amazing night of sleep. The Helena Latex Filled Pillow is on my wishlist.

eco-friendly lounger and pillow from Brentwood Homes

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