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5 Terrific Self-Care Strategies When You Have No Me Time


You need it. You want it. In fact, you crave it.

You find yourself daydreaming and drooling over it. And yet, it feels likes it’s a pipe dream that only happens for other lucky gals.

Self-care time.

#momlife has you feel more wrung out than that dingy old dish rag stinkin’ up your kitchen sink.

Your schedule is packed. Laundry piles are overflowing out of baskets and bins. And dishes are stacking up faster than that dish rag can handle.

Ha! Who has time for self-care? Especially when you have little ones underfoot or working from home?

But, what if there was a way to enjoy self-care even if you have no “me time”?

Mama, I’m gonna let you in on my secrets to self-care strategies that I use as a busy homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys.

So, grab your favorite beverage and find out how you can make the most of time for you with these tips and tricks 🙂


Mama, use these 5 self-care strategies to take care of yourself & your needs, even if you have no "me time".


Why Self-Care Strategies Can Help Moms

Self-care has become such a big thing these days. 

And just one more thing for moms to feel guilty about.

As busy moms, we barely have time to do what we need to do-forget about what we want to do!

So, now we get to feel guilty about what we can’t get done-and that includes self-care.

“I can’t even manage to keep my kitchen counters clear of dishes! How am I supposed to enjoy a bubble bath? I must suck at this whole mom thing.”



Mom life is a demanding, 24/7 job. And when we add the other hats that we wear (SAHM, WAHM, working outside the home, homeschooler, volunteer, etc.), precious self-care time shrinks to nothing

But, I say there’s something we can do about it.

Fortunately, there are different types of self-care than just pampering. You can meet your self-care needs when you use some smart strategies.

Flex those creative muscles. Be willing to shift your thinking about self-care. And make your well-being a priority.

Let’s ditch guilt about self-care! And start to reap the benefits of these positive practices.

So, roll up your sleeves and join me in using these self-care strategies, even if you have no “me time”. 


Mom holding white dog smiling at daughter who is holding pink & orange balloons

5 Smart Self-Care Strategies for Busy Moms

When you have no “me time”, the most important thing to do is tweak your thinking and your approach to self-care. What worked in the past may no longer work for you now. And those dreams of hours to do whatever you want just might not be possible.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy self-care time. It just means that you need to shift your mindset.

Your self-care mindset.

Here are 5 self-care strategies that you can use to adjust your mindset to work for you. You want to reap the most benefits possible from your self-care time, even if your kids are around or you only have a few minutes between appointments.


1. Prioritize Your Self-Care Needs

What do you need most right now to feel better? What type of self-care do you require to make the most of time for you?

In order to figure out your self-care needs, do a Self-Care Self-Scan. That’s what I call the simple process of hitting the pause button, checking in with yourself, and determining what you need now to help you function at your best.

(I share more about this in How to Make the Most of Time for You: Powerful Self-Care for Moms. It’s a guide + resources for learning more about self-care for moms and creating a customized plan.)

You might have a few areas that are weighing you down. For example, you’re exhausted after a night of interrupted sleep and your patience with your kids is hovering around zero. You managed to sneak in a few bites of toast at breakfast and gulp down a cup of lukewarm coffee. 

You’re in the middle of monitoring your kids’ online work while you wrap up a work email so you don’t have time for a nap or escape to a coffee shop.

You can, however, focus on what you can control and how you approach it. Perhaps you decide to grab a granola bar, banana, and mug of tea to sip on. Instead of shoveling it down, eat and drink with intention, focusing on how you’re nourishing your body and mind. 


Make yourself a priority, mama! Plan your self-care time. Get more self-care strategies to help you take care of yourself.


2. Plan Your Self-Care Time

If you’re like most moms I know, gone are the days when you can spontaneously decide to pop off for a mani/pedi. To be smart about your self-care time, you need to plan to make it happen.

Jot it down in your planner of choice, digital or paper. Add notes and reminders. List out what you’ll need. 

Use this list of 101 Sensational Self-Care Ideas for Moms to get started. Highlight the activities that you know you’d love or would like to try. Gather the materials so you’ll be ready to go.

When you’re prepared, you won’t waste time searching for your earbuds or scrounging for fruit to put in your smoothie.


3. Make Self-Care a Fun Activity with Your Kids

Self-care doesn’t always have to be done alone.

I totally understand that feeling of overwhelm that if one more person touches me or breathes in my direction that I’m going to lose my mind. As an introvert, I require time to myself. When my boys were younger (heck, even now!), there were moments when I could feel my nerves snapping as I gritted my teeth.

In a perfect world, you’d get the time you’d need to be alone so you can emerge refreshed and rejuvenated whenever you need it.

Mom life, however, isn’t always perfect 😉

So, I encourage you to find fun and relaxing self-care activities that you can enjoy WITH your kids.

Love to go on a walk? Bring the kids along, even if it’s laps around the room on a rainy day.

Feeling spacey and disoriented? Sit with your kids and look out the window. Make observations about what’s going on as you connect to your environment. This grounding activity helps you steer your focus as you calm your thoughts.

Need to add some pep to your step? Put on some tunes and have a dance party.

These self-care activities with your kids might not be exactly what you want but you’ll be doing something to improve your well-being. And being a great role model!


Get creative with how you make time for you!


4. Set Up a Safe Activity for Your Kids

If you just REALLY need some time to yourself and you have little ones underfoot, set up a safe activity that will keep your kids entertained

Search through your toys and craft supplies. Set up stuffed animals for a tea party. Place a cardboard box in a strategic location that will contain and entertain.

For example, we have a large dining room table. I’ll set up three to four “centers” for my younger boys. One center may have puzzles. Another center focuses on pipe cleaners and pony beads. Coloring pages and crayons might make up another center. (Or I just drag out our frugal inventor’s box for kids for them to work in!)

I’ll set a timer for ten minutes. The boys can decide to work on centers together or individually. When the timer goes off, the boys switch centers. 

Prior to starting their centers, the boys and I agree to a special “reward” for good behavior during this time. This reward might be something simple like going on a nature walk or baking brownies with me. We pick something fun that we can all enjoy together.

This approach takes a bit of work to set up but gives me about thirty minutes to take care of me 🙂

You know your kids best. Adjust these ideas and approach to best fit their ages and stages.


5. Multi-Task Using Your Self-Care Strategies…Sorta

I know that multi-tasking isn’t always the best thing for you. BUT, desperate times call for desperate measures…

I enjoy putting on music and dancing in the kitchen as I cook dinner or do dishes. Music improves my mood over these yucky tasks plus I’m getting in a bit of exercise.

A friend of mine puts in her earbuds and listens to podcasts or audiobooks when folding and putting away laundry. 

So, if your schedule just won’t let up, it’s cool to incorporate self-care activities into your daily tasks. Just make sure to focus on the benefits and take away the positive from the experience 🙂


Mama, you can feel more together and improve your well-being, despite a busy schedule, little ones underfoot, or working from home. For more tips and tricks plus creating a custom self-care plan that works for you, pick up your download of How to Make the Most of Time for You: Powerful Self-Care for Moms.

It might take a bit of creativity and planning, but you can recharge and destress with self-care time 🙂

Do you crave “me time” but rarely get it?
How will these self-care strategies help? And what tips do you have?
Please share in the comments area below!

Discover how to make the most of time for you in this guide & resources for powerful self-care for moms.



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  1. Yes yes yes! Thanks for the great ideas, Amy! I especially love the challenge to try unconventional self-care mindsets. We all need different things in different seasons. I love having time to work on my own writing and business, for example. Having a bubble bath daily would annoy and bore me. I love the creative outlet and to feel like a grown-up who’s still connecting to the rest of the world somehow.

  2. Hey girl! Oh, I’m so glad you like these ideas 🙂 And I’m the same way-I find it refreshing to have time to work on my professional life. Thanks for stopping by!!

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