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How To Make Time for Self-Care as a Homeschooler


As a homeschooler, self-care time may feel impossible. On top of the normal day-to-day family responsibilities, you’re responsible for the education of your children. Who has time for self-care?!?

Not only do you have time for self-care, but you need it. If you want to avoid burnout and make sure you’re functioning at your very best, read on to get this busy homeschool soccer mom’s tips, tricks, and best resources for how to make time for self-care as a homeschooler.


You can make time for self-care as a homeschooler. Use these tips, tricks, & resources to get started.

Why You Need to Make Time for Self-Care as a Homeschooler

Do tears run down your cheek when you hear about self-care as a homeschooler? Tears because you think it’s never going to happen? Or maybe tears because you are laughing so hard at the very idea of such a notion?

Mama, it’s time to wipe those tears away! I’m going to share a few secrets of mine that allow this busy homeschool soccer mom of 5 boys to make time for self-care as a homeschooler. I only share helpful secrets that I’ve worked on and sorted out. Pinky swear!

Before sharing these secrets, I just want to assure you that these tips are not painful or complicated. I would never ask you to do anything that I would not do nor anything that would make you uncomfortable. These tips, in fact, are simple and practical.

Oh, and one more thing! I want you to chuck all those thoughts of being not worthy or special enough for self-care time to the curb! Friend, you are enough and you deserve to fill your cup!

I put together this list of 101 Self-Care Ideas for Moms. Print a copy, store it in your planner or somewhere you can easily reference it, and use these ideas whenever you need some self-care inspiration 🙂


Believe it or not, you can make time for self-care as a homeschooler! Learn my secrets for \"me-time\" that are simple and practical. Make your dream a reality!

Tips on Making Time for Self-Care as a Homeschooler

If you truly struggle to have time for yourself, make sure to check out my 5 Terrific Self-Care Strategies When You Have No “Me Time”.

1. Organize

Now, I don’t want to lose you on this first one but it’s important. Before you go rushing off in a panic about homeschool organization, hear me out. If you want to relish in the delights of self-care time, organization is necessary. But, I’m not talking just about your homeschool!

Sure, tidy bookshelves and school supplies are groovy. And I suppose a well-organized filing system is helpful. I’m talking about organizing your time and how you use it.

Do you tend to fritter away the day on social media? Or binge-watching Netflix? No judgment here! Been there, done that;)

What if you converted some of that time into self-care practices?

Easier said than done? I want you to focus on the positives of self-care, like stress management and overall increased sense of well-being. With that focus, determine how you will track your use of time. A time tracker can help.

Also, set a timer to limit Facebook scrolling. (This Time & Stopwatch Google Chrome Extension is awesome!) You can limit yourself to one episode of your latest Netflix addiction. Believe me-it can be done! The rest of the episodes will still be there tomorrow!


2. Plan

This step goes hand-in-hand with organizing your time. Find a system that works for you. Paper or digital, schedule your self-care time. Tell trusted loved ones what you plan to do. It’s that whole accountability thing that helps us follow through with what we say we are going to do.

Planning builds anticipation. Anticipation builds excitement. You will be much more likely to go through with your self-care practices when you plan them out.


3. Ask for Help

Don’t be shy about asking your significant other, family member, or friend to help. Chances are an hour or two might not seem like a big deal to them, but could mean the world to you!

Be realistic in your asking. Don’t expect a week away! Share your need for some time for refreshment. If necessary, be assertive.  Clearly state what you need, what you expect, and why it is important.


Woman holding up red & white alarm clock with light blue background to make time for self-care as a homeschooler

4. Outsource

If you have the financial means, consider hiring someone to help with cleaning, cooking, or other tasks. You may be spending a bit of money, but you will be saving time and, perhaps, your sanity.


5. Exchange Time with Another Mom

If you don’t have the money to spend on outsourcing tasks, seek out a local mom who you know and trust. Work out a system to exchange childcare, cleaning, or cooking. Maybe a dear friend loves cleaning but you despise it? You adore cooking and she’d rather gag on a spoon. Make a deal! Cook a few meals for her. She cleans a few rooms for you. Bada-bing, bada-boom! You are spared doing a task you don’t like and may get some extra self-care time to boot!


6. Let Go of Expectations

Let it go, baby! Ditch those expectations about your house, yard, or other areas that you spend too much time on. Do you really need to spend an hour cleaning up the kitchen every night? Unless you have special plans for the next day, I doubt your kitchen needs to pass a white glove test;)

With the freedom of letting go of expectations comes the joy of more time for self-care!


Hope these secrets to making time for self-care as a homeschooler help. What tips would you add?

Would you like to dive deeper into self-care for moms? If you know you could benefit from self-care time, grab your copy of How to Make the Most of Time for You: Powerful Self-Care for Moms. This simple guide + resources will lead you through self-care types, ideas, and creating a customized self-care plan. Join me in the Mommy Self-Care Movement!

Discover how to make the most of time for you in this guide & resources for powerful self-care for moms.


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