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Exciting Halloween Unit Study with Fun Activities & More!

A Halloween unit study is an excellent way to add learning fun to your holiday celebration!

Take a break from your regular routine or curriculum for some super cool Halloween activities, resources, and more.

If you’d like to boost your learn at-home adventures around Halloween, this simple yet powerful unit study will help you make that happen.

Easily make your Halloween extra special this year! This Halloween unit study will help you boost learning fun & enjoy an excellent celebration.

Make the Most of this Holiday with a Special Unit Study

Halloween has always been a perfect time of year for my five boys and me to take a break from our relaxed homeschool routine.

Our year-round approach to homeschooling allows us to ease up when necessary. Although even when we take a “break”, I still plan and prepare for learning fun.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that we all function so much better with some type of structure.

A few days off are fine. But, after three days of no structure, we start to lose our minds.

So, I build homeschool fun days and unit studies into our learning at home adventures. My boys love the fun activities and extras. And I love not having guilt about doing nothing or having too much screentime 😉

The most interesting thing to me is that my boys and I have done this type of learning fun around the holidays without giving it a specific name. Only after we used Build Your Library’s A Jan Brett Christmas did I even realize that what we do is called a unit study!

Over the years, I’ve gathered and created a variety of resources for Halloween learning fun to be used for enjoyment celebration. I hope these ideas and suggestions help you make the most of this special time of year with your kids.

Halloween unit study cover with witch hat, jack o\' lantern, and cauldron to feature the excellent learning fun you can add to your holiday celebration with this Halloween unit study

A Simple Holiday Unit Study for a Fun Halloween

There are so many ways to make Halloween special with your kids.

You can go with the traditional customs of dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Spooky tales and holiday movies are also marvelous hits.

A unit study, however, helps you take your Halloween learning and celebration to the next level.

When you use a unit study, you’re weaving together different subjects to learn about one topic.

This Halloween unit study includes simple yet powerful activities and resources for:

  • Recommended Reading
  • History
  • Vocabulary
  • Poetry  
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Science 
  • Math Fun
  • Games
  • Coloring 
  • Fun Activities

In the printable pack for this unit study, you’ll find specific recommendations, tips, and downloads to make your Halloween learning celebration as easy as possible and open-and-go.

Enjoy a special learning fun celebration this year with this Halloween unit study. Awesome resources and activities that your kids will love.

A Few Unit Study Ideas for Extra Fun

If you’d like to boost your Halloween learning fun with even more, you’ll love adding these ideas to this unit study.

Geography- Ireland:  Since Halloween originated with the Celts in Ireland, this is the perfect unit study in which to study the geography of Ireland.

You can print out this map of Ireland for your kids to color.

And here’s the Irish flag that your kids can also color.

Watch this short video about Ireland from Geography Now, too.

Science- Bats: 

I’ve included two other simple Halloween science activities in the unit study but learning about bats is cool, too.

Learn much more about bats from National Geographic. 

You can learn more about bats at Cook Kid Facts plus test your child’s knowledge with a quiz.

  • Cooking:

Halloween is the perfect time to be cooking up a pot of something. Give this Halloween Irish Stew a try!

Jack o'lantern with purple paper clouds and orange sky in background with Halloween Unit Study cover

Get Your Halloween Unit Study for Holiday Learning Fun

Ready to boost your Halloween with some learning fun?

This unit study is packed with resources and activities to help you easily make the most of Halloween with your kids.

In this unit study, you’ll find:

  • Introduction and overview of the unit study
  • Recommended materials checklist
  • Simple planning pages that you can customize (include block planner for subjects and weekly layout)
  • Breakdown of each subject
  • Links to any free websites or resources that you can use to make this unit study rock
  • Get links to ALL Halloween printable activities from Rock Your Homeschool (with bonus activities – like writing prompts and vocabulary – not available anywhere else!)
  • Record form for use in a homeschool portfolio or for record-keeping
  • Suggestions for other forms of creative student reports

Simply tap HERE or on the image below to find out more about this Halloween unit study and how you can get started today!

This Halloween Unit Study is a fantastic way to enjoy learning fun as you celebrate the holiday.

Wishing you tons of Halloween learning fun for your celebration!
Please tag us @rockyourhomeschool to share your stories and pictures about your Halloween unit study adventures 🙂

Halloween unit study cover with orange, black, yellow, and white stripes to feature the excellent learning fun you\'ll have with this special Halloween unit study

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